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Among all the parts that a person use to bear on his or her face, among them nose has been considered as the most important one and a special part that can really enhance the overall beauty. If you are having such a nose that is loaded with perfect shape and size, then you will surely feel confident about your lifestyle and you will love to face several people that use to come in your way on a daily basis but if you are not having the same sort of thing, then its time to opt for the alarplasty in Thailand.

What is Alarplasty Thailand ?

Alarplasty is the method that can be adopted in order to narrow down the span of the nostrils that is big at the alar base. The surgical method that will be used always depends on the shape of the nostrils and the nose proportion that relates to the whole face. Most of the time Alarplasty has been accomplished at the same time when the surgeons are working on the surgeries like rhinoplasty. If the patient is having a wide nose at the alar base, then it´s the right time to opt for the alarplasty surgery at Thailand. Due to the process has been added for the rhinoplasty, the success ratio is always high. In this way the nose will draw a better appearance and at the same time the surgeon will take a better decision about whether or not to add the process with the rhinoplasty like surgery.

Alarplasty in Thailand

This procedure reduces size of your nostrils & narrow the span to make your nose more balanced.


You are given the sedative to help you to sleep & reduce the anxiety before surgery. Surgeon may trim silicone implant so it fits you rightly. The incision of around 1 cm is then made at base of the nose. The pocket is created and implant is slipped in place. Incision is closed, generally with three stitches, and after that covered with dressing. You are asked to wear the splint over nose in order to protect that & prevent excessive swelling. Doctor might as well trim an excessive tissue from your nostrils for reshaping base of your nose & define span of nostrils.

whole procedure takes around 30 to 45 minutes. After the surgery, you are needed to rest for around 1 hour prior to you are permitted to go home.

Removal of the stitches are scheduled 5 to 7 days after.

Post op instructions

  1. Apply cold pack over nose for 24 to 48 hours to reduce an excessive swelling and in case, there is an excessive swelling, hot or cold packs are alternated.
  2. Always elevate head while lying down.
  3. Swelling are present for 2 to 3 days and begin to subside
  4. You might have the normal diet however avoid any spicy food.
  5. Avoid alcohol & smoking for two weeks.
  6. Bandages are removed on 3rd day.
  7. Take the medications as it is prescribed.


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