Cheek Augmentation Thailand

Cheek Augmentation ThailandCheek Augmentation Thailand (Silicone) / Malar Augmentation Thailand

These days, people seem to be too worried about their present look and when it´s all about facial region people seems to be more cautious. They are trying different surgeries, cosmetics and other means to make their facial shape perfect enough. Sometime people use to opt for the Cheek Implant Thailand (Silicone) / Malar Augmentation Thailand.


Why Cheek Augmentation Thailand  / Malar Augmentation Thailand ?

Cheek Augmentation Thailand (Silicone) / Malar Augmentation Thailand is a king of cosmetic surgery during which the surgeon will focus highly on the upper cheekbone area. This area is the most important one for defining the actual frame of a human face. This is a kind of surgical procedure that can add fuller as well as enough defined cheekbones for your face which will again inspire your self-confidence level.

So, what will be the time taken for the surgery?

This type of surgery will often take near about one hour.

Who is the best candidate?

This type of surgery is often ideal for the people who want to define poorly formed cheekbones. After the surgery the

What is the length of the surgery?

Cheek augmentation surgery should take about one hour.

Who is the best candidate for this surgery?

This type of surgery is the most ideal one for the patients, who got poorly shaped cheekbones and want it to make more defined. There is always a need for a perfect shape of the face and that you can now achieve with the help of the Cheek Augmentation Thailand (Silicone) / Malar Augmentation Thailand. Cheek augmentation Thailand  making use of the silicone implants has now become popular elective method, which adds definition to face.  People who are not graced with the well defined cheek bones are opting for the more sculpted, and defined look, which gives strength, beauty and character to face.


How long does patient have to stay in the hospital?

Malar augmentation by using the silicone implants in Thailand is generally the outpatient procedure,. which should not take more than one hour, with hour recovery time & patient must not stay overnight in the hospital.

Are there any kind of the noticeable scars?

Scars are not likely to get noticed as most of the methods are done on inside of a cheek.  In case, other surgical methods are done the placement of incisions might vary, however your surgeon may discuss it with you beforehand.

What kind of the anaesthesia is used?

Surgeon may use the local anaesthetic in the conjunction with mild sedative.


Is result of surgery permanent?

Yes, effects of surgery are permanent.

How you can prepare for the malar augmentation?

Patients have to stop consuming alcohol & stop smoking cigarettes for two weeks prior to the surgery.  They must stop taking any kind of vitamins and medications.  If you are suffering from any kind of allergies and health conditions then you have to inform surgeon about this.

How long it will take to heal?

Every patient heals at different rate, however generally after one week that the patient will return to work & within 2 to 3 weeks return to the normal activity.


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