Bandon Hospital Samui

Bandon Hospital Samui

Samui island has always been renowned for high standard in reconstructive/cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure, eye and skin care. The past year, technique and specialists skill in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery has continue been developed. Now, Thailand has a team of highly specialized surgeons who are always readily available to advise and perform surgery on those caring to achive youthfulness and beauty or simply in image enhancement.

Bandon hospital is a private hospital at Samui. The AIMS of The Samui Clinic are to provide the latest and most up to date techniques, procedures, advice and information.  But most importantly they are  to deliver the highest level of medical care and attention at prices far below that of the western world – without compromise.

Bandon International Hospital engages and recommends experienced and highly skilled surgeons who are fully qualified and board-certified to carry out the under mentioned procedure.


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