Mandibular Angle Reduction

Mandibular Angle ReductionMandibular Angle Reduction – What´s the Best Thing About It?

What is Mandibular Angle Reduction?

It is a facial related surgery that is helping people to increase their beauty.  People that are suffering from the wide jaw line or square face are the perfect candidates for such surgery.  These surgeries can reduce the thickness of the lower face and change the square face into oval shape. It is performed under the general anesthesia, so the patients may feel drowsiness at least for the two or three hours after the surgery.  Many people feel that it is a very painful and the critical surgery but it is not true. There are a numbers of surgeons are available across the globe who can perform this surgery in less time.

How the patients are gaining more information about it?

In the online world it is a very stupid question because there are many sites available on the Internet from where any person can gain more information about the surgery and also about the best hospital. These are the real platforms that are providing the best service for people.  Basically Thailand is the best place for the surgery because there are many top hospitals and the surgeons available for providing the better service to people.  The staff and the doctors are very friendly and creating a familiar atmosphere, which helps the patient to recover faster from the surgery. The patients may require staying two or three days at the hospital. These procedures may take 14 or 15 days for the total recovery and patients fit for every work. After that it is better for the patient to keep contact with the surgeon for the future advice.

Who is a candidate for Mandibular Angle Reduction ?

Mandibular Angle Reduction can be done for the people who have a wide jaw line and square face. The Mandibular Angle Reduction is operation for reducing width of your lower face as well as change the square face to oval one. How long I must stay in Thailand for the Mandibular Angle Reduction Surgery?

The patient must stay in Thailand for at least fourteen days to complete the whole process. On arrival day in Thailand, patient must stay in the hotel to relax from the long flight & have the surgery on following day. The Mandibular Angle Reduction surgery may want two nights stay in hospital. The post operative check-up & stitches removal are done in 7 days after surgery.

How surgery is performed?

Incision of the mandible angle reduction is in your mouth, thus the scar are invisible.

Will anesthesia get used?

Yes, the mandible angle reduction surgery can be done under the General Anesthesia.

How the scar will look?

Scars are hidden in your month.

What are possible risks & complications of the surgery?

Possible the main risks are bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, scarring as well as numbness, or else change in the sensation. Following surgeon´s advice may reduce risks as well as complications.


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