Mid Face Lift Thailand

Mid Face Lift ThailandMid Face Lift Thailand – Enhance Your Beauty!

What is Mid Face Lift Thailand ?

Mid Face Lift At present, there are many techniques that exactly make the critical surgery easier and effective.  In case of Mid Face Lift Thailand, these can be done easily by the endoscopic technique. It is helpful for the removal of the extra fat from the mouth and nose area.  It is also uses to increase the beauty of the face. Now day´s these surgeries are gaining more popularity among the fashionable peoples. The people under 30years of age are the right candidate for the surgery. After 30years the skin will became harder and fat pads can make many critical problems at the time of surgery. So it always better for interested person to make their surgery before 30 for better result.

How long to Mid Face Lift Thailand surgery required for the recovery?

These surgeries help the person to look beautiful and younger than the actual age. It takes very short time for the recovery, but it also depends on the both surgeon and candidate. How they are following the rules and regulation of the surgery. If you are interested for the surgery it is always better for you to research completely before surgery, because many times due to the wrong selection many time the person may face many critical issues in the future life.

Why Mid Face Lift ?

It´s the field of surgery where the surgeons are making their unique spot across the globe.  Some natural therapies that have been only invented by the Thailand surgeons are making the whole procedure very easy and avoiding any major complicacies after the surgery.

How long I must stay in Thailand for the Full Facelift?

The patient must stay in Thailand for at least 10 to 14 days to complete the whole process. On the arrival day in Thailand, patient must stay in the hotel to relax from long flight & have the surgery on following day. The mid face lift will require two nights stay in hospital. Post operative check  up & stitches removal is done seven days after a surgery.

How is surgery done?

Incision of the mid facelift starts above hairline at a temple area, and brought in front of ear & looping behind an ear lobe. Surgeon separates skin from fat & underlying structure. Excess skin is been removed & tightened and our surgeons are all certified by the national certified board and they are well trained both in the Thailand & abroad.

Can anesthesia be used?

Yes, mid face lift is done under the General Anesthesia & takes 3 to 4 hours average.

What is post surgical care?

After surgery, the patient may need to use the cold compress for two days as well as avoid lying with cheeks in contact with the bed or else pillow for one month to prevent any hematoma formation. Few numbness might persist for 3 to 6 months and patient must avoid any kind of the strenuous activities for 4 to 6 weeks following the surgery.  This may give your body a lot of time to adjust since it continues on a healing process.


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